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Established in 1993 Unitex Glass (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd, the predecessor of the present Intex Glass, was formed as a joint venture between Intex Holdings of Hong Kong and Chinese government authorities. The original glass production compound had been in existence since 1958 but was quickly modernized after the creation of the joint venture. In 2005 the joint venture was dissolved and Intex Glass became a fully independent company.


Today, Intex Glass owns and operates 3 modern float lines and 3 full-service glass processing factories in the cities of Xiamen and Chengdu. As part of an ongoing expansion program several additional factories are either on the drawing board or in various stages of construction to meet the growing demands for glass both in China and overseas. A continued emphasis is put on vertical integration of our resources. One such example is ownership of silica mines and a port terminal.


Approximately 85 % of Intex´s processed glass is exported from its main facilities in the coastal town of Xiamen. From there the glass finds its way to various countries and regions where it satisfies the many demands of the discerning OEM customer who incorporates it in quality finished products. As part of the commitment to the markets in which Intex Glass operates, its glass gets tested and certified in compliance with the local and International standards.


An extensive travel program for our sales people as well as participation in key glass trade shows assures us of a close contact with our customer base as the stepping stone for continued improvement and adjustment to market requirements.

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