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Intex Glass has been part of the Intex Group of companies since 1993.Presently we own and operate 3 float lines, one Mirror line, two Low-E lines and 3 processing factories in China.


Our float lines produce approx 3,000 tons of glass per day. Our float line incorporates the modern glass manufacturing technology.


As a fast-growing company Intex Glass holds many investments in the provinces of Sichuan, Hubei and Shanghai (in projection) as well as in its home province of Fujian. With a registered capital of 840 million RMB the total invested amount exceeds 2.5 billion RMB, employs over 3,100 employees in China and with the guidance of experienced management teams.


Intex Glass manufactures float glass in 2mm to 19mm thickness. Having acquired and incorporated new float manufacturing technology in one of our float lines, our float glass has become known throughout South East China and beyond for its consistent quality. Our company is better known yet for its fabricated glass products which are manufactured in several high-output mass production factories in Xiamen. Processing activities include tempering, screen printing, laminating and mirror manufacturing. All of our processed glass products have found their end use as components in a wide variety of finished products manufactured by our customer base in North America, Europe and Asia.


Looking ahead, several additional modern float lines are under construction and on the drawing board in different regions of China. They are to become a solid manufacturing base on which we will continue to build our domestic and export sales, all along continuing to make Intex Glass one of the most recognizable names in the Asian glass industry and beyond.

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